Man who attacked Qantas boss Alan Joyce with pie is to be legally punished


The man who thrust a pie into Qantas CEO Alan Joyce’s face in sign of protest against same-sex marriages is to face conviction of assault.oyce, who is openly gay and an outspoken supporter of same-sex marriage, was speaking on stage in Perth when Tony Overheu, a 67-year-old church leader, attacked him with a cake. Overheu, a senior figure at his church, has been charged with common assault, trespass and damage after the incident, which happened in front of 500 people and TV cameras. And on radio station 6PR, Overheu explained how he carried out the attack: “I bought the cake the previous evening, and popped it in my work ute (car) that I own at 6 yesterday morning.” He described how he “had the cake wrapped up like a birthday present just to make it compact, walked in the front door … (and) waited for a couple of hours until everyone had come in.”


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