RuPaul’s Drag Race star detained in Russia


Peppermint is competing in Season 9 of the drag reality series. She identifies as a transgender woman and she was detained in Russian airport for wearing female clothes. “I was presenting female and my ID does not match. I was in Moscow airport for a connection, for 30 minutes… we land and go to the transfer desk. The woman didn’t speak any English, and she just kept looking at her ID and looking at me. It was clear she was disagreeing with the fact that my ID looked male and I looked female,” Peppermint complained, “She detained me. I was terrified, to the point that I had to snatch my own wig off my head, in the line with all those people, just to prove to her that I’m [who I say I am]. ‘This is me, please let me in.’ It was so humiliating… I just have to keep in mind that it doesn’t take away my womanhood.” Her drag colleague Sasha Velour who spent many years in Russia,
sent a massage of support to Peppermint agreeing that Russia is the country where drag artists cannot express themselves the way they want to and transgender women are judged for just trying to be the way they are.


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