American Gods depicted Muslim gay love


The new TV show, which airs on cable channel Starz in the US, is based on Neil Gaiman‘s 2001 fantasy novel of the same name. The third episode of the series showed a Muslim character named Salim making love with a jinn (who is male, of course). In the episode, Salim – who has just moved to New York City – strikes up a connection with a mysterious taxi driver played by Mousa Kraish, who is later revealed to be a mystical Jinn. And the sex scene between them was named the most explicit in the movie industry and it was pioneering as representing two middle-eastern gay characters at once. Actors Mousa Kraish and Omid Abtahi opened up about playinbg a same-sex love. In part, Omid Abtahi said: “This is not my first gay sex scene… I am a veteran of this genre! For me it was better, it made it a little bit easier having known Mousa for ten years. I got in shape when we first shot it, and two months later I was mid chocolate chip cookie when I got Brian’s email saying, ‘we need to shoot this again’. Both times it felt great and then watching the final product it’s just so beautiful. It’s so touching and beautiful, with the special effects and the music.”


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