Piers Morgan went on gender-neutral rant saying he might wear a skirt at work


This morning the TV host known for a set of anti-LGBT remarks attacked people’s right to express their gender identity. “The London private school we mentioned yesterday also wants to allow the boys, if they want to, to wear skirts – to school. Which sounds like a great idea,” he said, adding that as a part of the gender-neutral policy many men might soon be obliged to wear skirts at work. “So let’s ask the police chief we’re talking to: will male policemen be wearing skirts on duty, because that’s all part of this gender-neutral move,” Morgan said. His co-host Susanna Reid looked dubious, asking Morgan: “I don’t think even female police officers wear skirts on duty, do they? They wear trousers.” “I think everyone should be able to wear a skirt,” Morgan replied. And then spitefully, as if it were some hilarious, cutting joke, he remarked: “I might wear a skirt to work tomorrow as part of my gender-neutral, non-binary identity.” Rather than being shocked, as was clearly his intention, Reid responds tiredly: “If we all wear trousers, doesn’t that kill the issue off?” Having failed to wow anyone with his nonsense, Morgan resorts to having a tantrum on live TV, yelling: “Oh it’s all just nonsense! All of it!”


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