Sir Ian McKellen says that coming out is the best thing one could ever do


Openly gay actor says that LGBT people should come out actively and there is no need to worry that it might spoil their life and career. Sir Ian made the comments as the host of the 2017 Stonewall Youth Awards – the same event he appeared at last year as a surprise guest. He said that coming out is the best thing that might ever happen to a gay person. And when he dies he wants the words written on his stone: “Here lies Gandalf. He came out.” Sir Ian admits that coming out means fear. Each gay person is afraid to disappoint his kith and kin; and each famous gay person is afraid to disappoint his audience. But Sir Ian ensures that he became much more successful in acting than he used to be before his coming out. Sir Ian noted that many people who were the first in their field to come out increased their popularity after doing so, citing rugby player Keith Keegan Hirst and MP Chris Smith. “People like honesty, you know where you are when somebody comes out to you,” he said. Most of the young campaigners at the awards were being recognised for their efforts to tackle discrimination in their schools and communities.


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