The new Prime Minister of France is not LGBT-supportive


President Macron has announced that Edouard Philippe will be the new prime minister. The newly-appointed mayor is not new to politics and previously he served as a mayor of one of the cities in the north of the country. And that’s where he showed his anti-LGBT views. As a member of parliament for Normandy he refused to vote in favour of same-sex marriage, instead opting to abstain. Macron has already been criticized for such an appointment because the main pre-election promise he gave was o defend and to protect same-sex marriages all ways possible. As a student, Mr Philippe had been an activist for the social-democrat faction within the French Socialist party, before leaving the party to join the right. It is the first time in modern French political history that a president has appointed a prime minister from outside his own party. The only other examples have been following poor parliamentary election results, where the president has been forced to pick a different party.


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