Families of Stephen Port’s victims are suing the Metropolitan Police


The families of the gay men murdered by serial killer Stephen Port are suing the Metropolitan Police for over £200,000 for their inability to define all the crimes as homophobic. The policemen discriminated victims by sexuality, the lawsuit reads. Documents from the case have revealed that the case is seeking “aggravated and exemplary damages” over “breaches of duty and inaction” committed by the force. 17 police officers are facing misconduct investigations after they admitted to “missed opportunities” when it came to spotting that there was something common for all deaths. The killings took place between June 2014 and September 2015, but a series of police blunders meant officers failed to make connections between them or investigate Port, who was already known to authorities.The 41-year-old met the victims through dating apps Grindr and Fitlads before spiking them with the liquid ecstasy drug, GHB, and dumping their bodies in a churchyard next to his home in Barking. The former chef and escort made the murders appear to be suicides. He used the apps to buy the drug, GHB, that he used to kill them. The man who supplied Port the drugs he used to kill his victims, 23-year-old Gerald Matovu, has pleaded guilty to supplying a Class B drug, supplying a class C drug, and a third charge of offering to supply GHB. The drug dealer, from London, made clear that he had no idea what Port was planning to do with the drugs.


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