Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell loved to play a lesbian


As the GLAAD-nominated show approaches its last few episodes, and Shay revels an attitude to the character she played, in part that fact that she was queer. “That’s the best part. That was definitely the best part out of everything,” she told HuffPost, because she received so much love and gratefulness from queer people who learnt to deal with who they are and came out inspired by the character. “That means more to me than anything. The fact that I got to play this character that I had so much fun with and we got to be on an entertaining show that’s one thing, But to have a small impact on people’s lives in that way… Words can’t explain. That’s just awesome,” Mitchell said. What she liked in her character is that she showed that there is no difference between lesbian girls and straight ones – it is impossible to look at the serial poster and say ‘This one is a lesbian’. The star also revealed that the fans will be shocked when the ‘brilliant’ identity of the new villain A.D will be revealed – a hot topic in many fan theories. “Honestly, I haven’t read any [theory] that have gotten it, because it’s just brilliant,” Mitchell said.


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