Hundreds stood against ‘genocide’ of gays in Chechnya


More than 800 people joined a vigil in Melbourne in support of the victims of ‘gay purge’ in the Republic of Chechnya. The candlelit vigil took place in Federation Square and was attended by Australian Greens Senator Janet Rice and state Labour MP Danielle Green. The Australians demand from Russian government to interfere and to protect gay population of the region. Rice said: “When we heard of the horrors coming out of Chechnya, we wanted to take action. There is so much more that we as Australians could be doing. We could be leading an international effort with the UN to put pressure on the Russian government to be condemning these horrors.”The vigil’s organisers Catherine Barrett and Adam Pulford were overwhelmed by the turnout to the protest.“People in Australia are feeling horrified and hopeless after hearing the reports coming out of Chechnya, but together we are powerful,” Barrett said. We previously reported about two gay men who found asylum in Lithuania. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov still insists that claims about gay persecutions are fake and aimed to discredit Russia in the worldwide community


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