Ugandian LGBT group sues the government


A Ugandan LGBT+ rights group chases the country’s government in the court after it refused to register the group’s name. Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) has been blocked by the Ugandan Registration Service from being registered as an organisation by this name because homosexuality is illegal in the country and organisations in support p of illegal activities cannot be legalized. A statement from SMUG said it expects a decision from the Ugandan High Court by the end of the month. SMUG’s legal coordinator Daglous Mawadri told DW: “There are so many challenges of running an organisation that is not registered,” he told DW. One is the fact that you have to operate underground. For example, you cannot apply outright to donors, you cannot have funds, you cannot have spaces to operate. That means most of the things that you do have to be underground.”


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