Judge allowed trans woman to sue for discrimination under disabilities law


Kate Lynn Blatt has been granted permission to sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act which originally excluded trans people from the list of categories affected by it. Kate Lynn Blatt has been allowed to sue her previous employer under the ADA by US District Judge Joseph Leeson. Blatt uses her gender dysphoria as a basis for her lawsuit against the retail chain Cabela’s Inc. Leeson, states that simply being transgender was not grounds for a case under the ADA, but Blatt’s gender dysphoria is enough. She was banned from using female restrooms and forced to wear a nametag with a male name. The 36-year-old worked in the Hamburg, Pennsylvania branch of Cabela’s in 2006 and 2007. She was sacked after allegedly threatening a co-worker’s child, she says she did not do it.Leeson went on in his opinion to say that ADA should be used to give people with disabilities the option to pursue discrimination claims. The ADA was introduced in 1990 and was seen as landmark legislation to protect those with disabilities. The lawsuit, filed back in 2014, challenges a clause in the legislation which states that “disability” should not include “transsexualism”.


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