Over 200 LGBT Mexicans are killed within 3 years


At least 202 LGBT people have been murdered over the past three years in Mexico. That’s an average of six homicides every month between 2014 and 2016. More than a half of these crimes were against transgender women (108 of them were killed during this period). Among victims were 93 gay men and one lesbian woman. It is the first research of its kind showing that trans women become hate crime victims oftener than gay men. Mexican civil rights organisation Letra S SIDA reported that criminals had formed gangs dedicated to targeting gay men, whom they first seduce before attacking and robbing them. Speaking to news site EFE, Letra S SIDA executive director Alejandro Brito said this worrying trend was unprecedented. “We hadn’t seen gang attacks before, like those that occur in the United States or Europe.” The most homicides in the period were recorded last year, when 76 LGBT people were killed. Letra S SIDA, which collected figures from 70 media outlets due to the difficulties of accessing court reports, also stated that so far this year, 20 LGBT people have already been killed


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