Romania organized gay pride to make government change their minds over same-sex partnerships


Around 2,000 people have joined in a national pride parade in Bucharest is a sign of protest to the governmental legislation aimed to legally forbid same-sex marriages. People tried to defy the growing anti-LGBT sentiment in the country and a counter-protest to make their voices heard. As marchers passed the Russian embassy, they held a minute’s silence in solidarity with more than 100 gay Chechen men persecuted and killed because of their sexuality. Earlier this month, the lower house of the Romanian parliament adopted a proposal signed by more than three million citizens which would legally make marriage between a man and a woman. The law currently states that marriage is “between spouses,” but this initiative, passed in the lower house by 232 votes to 22, would set up a roadblock against future attempts to legalise same-sex marriage. If the parliament’s upper house consents to the proposal, it will go to a national referendum. In the last presidential election, turnout was 9.7 million – which means the proposal’s supporters would just need to convince two million more Romanians to join their cause, in theory. The petition was started by Coalition for the Family – a group that’s also anti-abortion – and is supported by US evangelical Christian organisations Liberty Counsel and Alliance Defending Freedom.


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