Case of homophobic Christian baker is to be reviewed

Gay wedding cake topper

The US Supreme Court has put off making a decision on whether to hear a case involving a baker who claimed that baking a cake for same-sex weddings goes contrary his Christian faith. The court has held over the decision twelve previous times, and there were speculation that the case might remain without a ruling at all. Masterpiece Cakeshop in 2015 joined a list of businesses ordered not to discriminate against same-sex couples. It comes after the business was sued by couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins as the bakery owner refused to serve them because of his religion. Same-sex marriages were not allowed then but discrimination on the basis of sexuality was already forbidden by law. The case went to the Supreme Court in September and has been listed for 14 conferences. But the Supreme Court justices have so far only said that it would be relisted for the future. The next Supreme Court conference is on Thursday. But many are now speculating that one of the justices could be writing a dissent, denying review of the case. Jordan Lorence, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, a law firm which is notoriously anti-LGBT, said it was a “great mystery” why the case has not been reviewed yet. They are purposefully holding it over for some reason that we don’t know,” Lorence said. “That is very, very unusual, but I think it points out the importance of these right of conscience cases.”


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