Conservative candidate denies being homophobic but refuses to speak about gay ‘cure’ therapy


Kristy Adams is the Conservative candidate for the Parliamentary constituency of Hove, hoping to unseat gay Labour incumbent Peter Kyle in a close race. She came under fire as it was revealed that she attends a church which preaches methods of so-called conversion therapy. Buzzfeed reported that Ms Adams had been a member of the King’s Arms Church in Bedfordshire, which previously made the news over alleged attempts to “cure” LGBT members of their congregation, but Adams claims to be unaware of it and said she was ready to support gay community. : “I supported the government as they introduced same sex marriage four years ago and would vote against any attempt to repeal the legislation; I am committed to all forms of equality. I value acceptance of people of all backgrounds, sexes and sexuality. My personal view is that I can’t believe in 2017 that I would need to state the obvious, I have never been homophobic and find it disturbing to hear of people who are. The LGBTQ community in Brighton and Hove champion tolerance and fight injustice and I share their desire to make our community a place of acceptance; I am unambiguous in my support for the LGBTQ community,” he said in a statement.


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