Gay family was denied to enter a plane because they were not considered a ‘real’ family


Two gay dads have said they and their children were denied priority boarding to a flight because to the airline’s opinion they were not a family. Grant Morse, his husband Sam and their three kids were flying with Southwest from Buffalo, New York, to Fort Lauderdale in Florida as they faced discrimination they describe as horrific. They traveled with their 3 kids: 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twin sons. Grant’s mother (aged 83)
was also there. Writing on Facebook, Grant described how they approached the family boarding area, as they had done many times before, but were approached by the boarding agent who said that it was a family boarding, that is why they all could not go – only kids and one father. Grant described how the family was “forced to be the last one to board the aircraft. “My daughter asked: ‘Papa, why will they not let us get on the aeroplane?’” When the family was eventually allowed to board, Grant said his mother “had to sit in the exit row, alone” despite being “83-years-old and frail”. “The entire plane was at risk if an emergency were to occur,” he added.


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