Trans people are to be allowed to serve in military in July


The Department of Defence is assessing its ability to recruit trans people, it is known from the special memorandum signed by the Pentagon officials, but the spokesmen refused to provide any further comments about it.The memo instructed every branch of the military to examine its “readiness to begin assessing transgender applicants into military service on July 1, 2017.” The chiefs of each branch are to sign their reports by the end of this month. The law banning trans people from military service was changed last year by the administration of then-President Barack Obama. Former defence secretary Ash Carter announced the shift, which came after years of lobbying and trans soldiers having to hide their gender identities. The announcement instantly rescinded the rule which forced trans people to be involuntarily separated, discharged, or denied reenlistment or continuation of service. And now, the first new, openly trans military recruits could be just five weeks away.


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