The President of Moldova: ‘I am not president of the gays’


Police stopped a peaceful march organised by Moldova’s LGBT community being afraid of possible violent attacks from haters, especially religious activists. After just a few hundred metres the LGBT march, which was taking place in the capital city Chisinau, the country’s leader Igor Dodon told journalists that he had never promised to be the president of gay people and if they need a president then they should have elected their own one. The LGBT march, under the slogan “Without Fear”, was organised by Moldova’s LGBT community to draw attention to the lack of LGBT rights in the country. President Dodon, who has criticised the LGBT community in the past, made his comments at that festival, which was organised to promote conservative family values. According to Radio Free Europe, Amnesty International criticised the President for his remarks, calling them “a serious violation of Moldova’s constitution, which bans the head of state from inciting hate and obliges him to respect the rights of every Moldovan citizen.”


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