UKIP candidate claimed gays against racism are an oxymoron


The Bristol Post reports that the UK Independence Party candidate for Bristol South Ian Kealey condemned the marches of LGBT people against racism, fascism and islamophobia. “#LGBT marching against #Islamophobia ?!? It’s like Jews marching for Hitler”. and he added that it might lead to rapes and mass riots. The candidate also claimed the UK’s domestic violence laws are “grossly unfair”, claiming that “on the word of a woman police will arrest any man she accuses, no evidence required”. Seeing the reaction he commented that he was pleased of his tweets being read but sees nothing controversial in them, saying liberals were to blame. “Liberals don’t like to lose arguments. Unfortunately, they often lose arguments because they don’t have very good counter-arguments.” Instead of losing graciously, Liberals tend to hurl misguided insults at their opponent. In UKIP we are used to Liberals, and others in established parties, and dare I say the MSM, hurling insults at us when they are losing arguments.”


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