Chechen Government controls the anti-gay purge


The mass abductions and torture of gay men in Chechnya is being orchestrated by the Republic’s government according to the Human Rights Watch report. It blames Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov for the crackdown, with the purge of gay men apparently following his playbook for treating “undesirables” – alcoholics, drug addicts,
dissidents and gay people. Dozens of men have been imprisoned without trial during the anti-gay campaign started in February. The Human Rights Watch report also points to Kadyrov’s number two man, Magomed Daudov, speaker of the Chechen Parliament. According to the report, the purge started in February when a man who was under the influence of drugs was arrested by police. After searching his phone, police discovered the man was gay, and tortured him into revealing the identities of other gay men. This information travelled upwards to Magomed Daudov, speaker of the Chechen Parliament, who is a key driving force behind the purge, the report says.


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