Piers Morgan thinks Ariana Grande must have visited the victims of Manchester attack


Piers Morgan has condemned Ariana Grande for not visiting those who were injured during bombing at her Manchester Arena show. As Elizabeth II visited the injured teens in a hospital Morgan advised Grande to do the same instead of flying to the USA immediately. Araina canceled her tour dates and flied to her family. Morgan condemned it, but Ariana’s fans urged him to think that the singer is also one of the victims. Thank God she was not harmed physically but morally the bombing affected her too. However, he received support from BBC Radio 4 presenter Andrea Catherwood, who said: “I’m sure the injured would hugely appreciate a visit from Ariana Grande too.” And, as per usual, he stood by his comment in the face of opposition, saying: “I think she should have stayed and visited victims. It was her show and they are her fans.” ,He added: “If the Queen can visit the victims in hospital, so can the star they paid to see.”To the point that the star was “probably traumatised,” Morgan responded: “Probably not as much as those killed and wounded. “She should have stayed to visit her injured fans.”


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