Women become lesbians because of men, controversial research suggests

Lesbian wedding cake figurine

Same-sex attraction in women developed because men get turned on by it, the new study suggests.
However ridiculous it may sound, researchers from Cyprus believe that women get engaged into homosexual activity because men get excited thinking about two women having sex. The Cypriot researchers, from the University of Nicosia, surveyed a total of 1,509 heterosexual participants for their study. Lead researcher Menelaos Apostolou’s hypothesis has naturally attracted plenty of scepticism, with many arguing that the theories are outlandish and not supported by the evidence gathered, but he actively defends his theories claiming: “My argument in the paper is this: A considerable proportion of men desire same-sex attractions in women, and this is one possible reason why many women have such attractions”. The paper states: “About half of the men in the sample reported that they would become sexually excited if their opposite-sex partners revealed to them that they experienced same-sex attraction.” Findings showed that 34.3 percent of male respondents would prefer a partner who is attracted “predominantly to members of the opposite-sex but occasionally of the same-sex”. The same answer was given by only 7.8 percent of women considered in the survey.


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