Gillian Anderson is going to impersonate David Bowie


X-Files actress Gillian Anderson is to appear i9n the series Amer5ican Gods as the music legend who passed away recently. And it is really hard to recognize her there. It was revealed this week that the actress will appear as the late great music legend in the next episode of the Starz TV series, based on Neil Gaiman’s novel. On the new photo Anderson aka shape-shifting God of Media, takes on the guise of Bowie in full Ziggy Stardust attire. Recreating Bowie’s 1972 look, she is pictured in a sharp teal suit with red hair and pale make-up. Anderson has transformed herself repeatedly for her role as the shape-shifting goddess, also taking on the appearance of actresses Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. The show touches LGBT issues repeatedly and there even was a gay sex scene between Muslim characters


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