Hong Kong minorities are unsatisfied with the watchdog’s work


Or at least the watchdog believes they are unsatisfied with his work and claims he could do better. Alfred Chan Cheung-ming, who serves as the Equal Opportunities Commission chairman, revealed that he feels he is not doing enough for equality in his country. Cheung-ming, who recently called for greater protection of sexual minorities, told the South China Morning Post that he thinks his “overall working record is steady but there is still room for improvement” adding that sexual and ethnical minorities could have been much better protected under his control. “I do not have a legal background, but I am glad that we have a strong legal team to push forward anti-discrimination laws,” he said. The professor has faced criticism for not being as involved in his work as his predecessor, Dr York Chow Yat-ngok who was a vocal advocate for LGBT people. Cheung-ming believes that Yat-ngok “achieved a lot of things”, and also helped to pave the way for his own achievements. I hope I can leave a legacy like Dr Chow’s when I leave the commission,” he said.


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