Indiana faces investigation over discriminating gay parents

2 moms

The state of Indiana is under investigation over discrimination after a judge said that a lesbian couple cannot be signed in their kids’ birth certificates as mothers. udge Diane S. Sykes ruled that “distinctions” should be made between biological and parental rights on birth certificates because the lesbian moms ‘could not overcome biology’. “If the state defines parenthood by virtue of biology, no argument under the Equal Protection Clause or the substantive due process clause can overcome that,” Sykes said. The women were forced to undergo the adoption process to be both recognized as mothers. The investigation into the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge and the current legislature is being carried out by three appeals court judges who will determine whether the standing law does discriminate against same-sex couples. Karen Celestino-Horseman, the lawyer for the claimants, said that they “maintain that parenthood is no longer defined by biology.”


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