Japanese lesbian couple tied the knot in a fairy-tale style


Haru and Ryo decided to have a wedding in the DisneySea in Tokyo and it was like a real fairy-tale. Their wedding dresses nodded at Frozen, with Haru wearing a green sash reminiscent of Princess Anna and Ryo wearing a blue one like Queen Elsa. The wedding proposal was also Disney-themed and the two were dressed as Flynn and Rapunzel. The couple only lived in the same city after six years into their relationship, having previously been long distance up until an earthquake that sparked Ryo’s decision to move to the capital. They decided to create a family immediately but before that Ryo had to come out to her parents. She doubted over her mom’s reaction but knew that her dad would not be accepting. But they surprised her saying that they love her and it is the only thing which matters. “[My parents] had an opportunity to experience an open-minded LGBT culture on one of their travels abroad,” she said. “They had become more flexible, partly due to such experiences, and they easily accepted me,” Ryo said.


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