Republican Senator says a budget can be balanced by cutting trans care services


Senator Robert Karnes, of West Virginia, says that the billions of dollars that might be lost in the cuts to Medicaid won’t be a problem if the state stops financing medical services connected with gender reassignment for trans people. News for Mr. Karnes – such procedures have never been actually financed by the state. In a discussion over the projected budget for the state with Senator Mike Woelfel, Karnes claimed that the proposed Medicaid cuts would be balanced if trans healthcare services were cut as well. “My understanding of what the president’s proposing is to convert a lot of that into block grants, which gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of how we spend those dollars. For example, we won’t necessarily have to cover transgender surgery. We can choose to treat the child with cancer instead,” he claims. And we will repeat it again – the state does not cover gender reassignment surgeries and never did. Karnes was quickly corrected by Senator Woelfel who retorted: “See, I thought we were having a rational discussion and you want to talk about transgender surgery. That’s enough, thank you.”


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