‘Scientist’ suggests that people become gay because of eating chicken


Author Rita Strakosha, who says she has “an M.P.S. degree in Clinical Psychology from Albanian University”, published an e-book on her website in which she said that gay people consumed a lot of fat and food with high glycemic index which she believes might affect on their sexuality. “Access to a high calorie diet and alcoholic drinks was limited to the social elite circles in the past. Homosexuality as well appears to have been more frequent among that group.” she writes. It directs people to avoid “steer clear of… heavy or rich foods, fatty or fried meals, spicy dishes, citrus fruits and carbonated drinks”, if they want to stay heterosexual Meanwhile, apparently “keeping a healthy diet with no sugar, low in high glycemic-index foods, in fat” will be enough to prevent those gay urges.” If you follow those instructions, the author says the “sexual partner preference of the person [may move] toward the heterosexual end in the Kinsey scale”. The authors of the proverb ‘We are what we it’ probably had no idea these words could be understood so literally.


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