UN Human Rights Office ‘concerned’ about mass arrests of gays in Indonesia

Indonesian police guard men arrested in a recent raid during a press conference at a police station in Jakarta on May 22, 2017. Indonesian police have detained 141 men who were allegedly holding a gay party at a sauna, an official said on May 22, the latest sign of a backlash against homosexuals in the Muslim-majority country. / AFP PHOTO / FERNANDO (Photo credit should read FERNANDO/AFP/Getty Images)

The United Nations human rights office has said it is ‘concerned’ by the arrests and floggings of men who are believed to be gay even in those parts of the country where being gay is not a crime. Speaking in Geneva on Friday, UN human rights office spokesman said that it is “concerned by the recent persecution, arbitrary arrest, detention and ill-treatment of men perceived to be gay.” adding that there is no need to criminalize same-sex relationships of two adult people if these relationships are consensual. Earlier this week, the police chief in the country’s most populous province announced that a taskforce would be brought in to crack down on “secret parties” by LGBT people. And since then thousands of gay men were arrested in Jakarta gay clubs after mass police raids.


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