World squash champions came out as a lesbian couple


The former world No.1 and No.2 squash players both came out as lesbians. It is a sensation for the squash world, but what makes it even more sensational is that the two are dating. Aussie champ Rachael Grinham and England’s Jenny Duncalf met through the sport, falling in love as they were playing in rivaling teams. The pair, who between them hold six gold medals and a whopping 44 Tour titles and they were leading squash players in the world for years. And now they both come out just to feel more comfortable in their own skin. The two players revealed their romantic relationship to U.S. Squash Magazine, revealing that they have been a couple for several years. Duncalf, who moved to Brisbane in 2015 to live with her partner, said: “To us our relationship has been public for many years now but we were made to realise that we are in a unique situation where our relationship could make a difference. We felt that if by openly ‘coming out in professional sport’ we could help just one person feel more comfortable and encouraged about their own journey, then it would be more than worthwhile doing so.”


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