Actor Matt Lucas called Margaret Thatcher a murderer


The actor known for his role in Doctor Who made such a remark about the Iron Lady as he appeared in a new documentary devoted to the 50th anniversary of decriminalizing homosexuality in England and Wales. “I regard Margaret Thatcher and the people who created and endorsed Clause 28 as murderers,” the gay comedian reveals, “They prevented young men from learning how not to contract AIDS and die. You have to remember, there was a moment when there wasn’t Clause 28 and then it came in. It wasn’t something that they inherited, it was something they initiate”. Going on Lucas shares the story of his own coming out as gay to his own family. They did not judge him or, God forbid, disown. But there was no excitement about it at all. To the news about him being gay they reacted as calmly as if he mixed white and colored clothes – they weren’t too happy about it but it’s okay.


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