Could there be lesbian M&M’s?


The official M&M Twitter account shared a picture of the two female characters representing green and brown M&Ms spending time together on the beach. “It’s rare Ms. Brown and I get to spend time together without some colourful characters barging in. – Ms. Green,” the caption said. And only this week Twitter users linked that post to possible same-sex affair between the chocolates. One user wrote: “Kinda cool political statement on behalf of a big American brand – LGBTQ relationships are normal. Reminder: candy still bad 4 u :)” Another added: “WE OFFICIALLY HAVE LESBIAN M&Ms, AMERICA HAS NOT YET CEDED OUR STATUS AS LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD”People even write lesbian funfics about M&M’s. M&Ms are far from alone in celebrating LGBT diversity.
Skittles gave up their usually-colourful packaging for Pride last year, with a message explaining that “only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention” during the celebrations. Of course, they always carry the risk of angering the anti-LGBT movement. /p>


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