Tory MP hopeful defends her connection with ‘conversion therapy’ groups


A Tory candidate Caroline Ansel says she “stands by” her decision to accept an intern from a Christian group Christian Action Research and Education (CARE), which preaches that homosexuality may be cured. Though other senior Conservatives have previously disavowed their ties to CARE, Ms Ansel accepted an intern from the group in autumn. Ms Ansel says she does not believe in ‘gay cure’ therapy but she still does not want to lose her ties with the group. “I do not think gay people can be cured and never have. I am tolerant of everyone and their beliefs, sexual orientation, colour and creed. The article is fake news, it tries to link me to CARE for political reasons. I have a CARE intern because she was the best candidate after I interviewed. To have not given her a job because she is religious is discrimination and I stand by my decision. Please note, this so-called article offers no evidence I believe gay people can be cured or I have taken part in such activities and that’s because there isn’t any,” she said in her Facebook statement.


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