Gay weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker is the best, British watchers say


Gay weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker has been voted Britain’s favourite weather present in a poll for the Radio Times. More than 25 thousand people took part in the poll and the majority of them prefer to hear weather forecasts from Schafernaker. Receiving the job aged 22 Tomasz became the youngest BBC weatherman ever. Schafernaker, who was born in Gdansk, Poland and now shares British-Polish nationality, is deeply loved by bri9tish audience and that fact that he is gay attracted a huge LGBT fanbase. He told the Radio Times he was “really flattered” to win the accolade. “Thank you so so much,” he said. When choosing his career, Schafernaker said, it was a tough decision between weather or sharks. “My real passion was for sharks, originally. That’s what gets me going every day, sharks and meteorology are probably equal. To make a job of it I chose to study meteorology and the crazy thing about that was I never felt like a true scientist at heart. I was always an artist, I did art at school, but I did quite well in my science exams and that led me on to meteorology at university.”


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