Piers Morgan laughed at Will Young’s mental disorder


As we reported yesterday, Will Young previously opened up about suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder which led to several addictions to alcohol, shopping and porn). Piers Morgan could not leave Young’s claims without attention.“Will Young does not have PTSD,” he announced on Twitter. “He has WNTS – Whiny Needy Twerp Syndrome.” After facing aggressive replies Morgan added that celebrities are speculating with medical terms which only offences those who are really ill. He refused to back down, claiming that he was suffering from the serious mental illness too, but calling it “Piers fed up with Traumatised Stars Disorder.” The tweets provoked anger from people who were not best-pleased with Morgan ridiculing people with mental illnesses. It is Piers Morgan, laughing at everybody is his lifestyle – we are not even surprised. Although, we’d still would advise him not to laugh at people’s struggling even if he believes it to be made-up.


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