Word of Faith Church minister bet a gay man to ‘expel the demons of homosexuality’

Cross and sunset

A church minister from North Carolina is set to go on trial for beating a man to ‘get rid of’ his homosexuality. 23-year-old Matthew Fenner claims more than 20 people blocked him from leaving a prayer service in 2013, before slapping, punching, and choking him for more than two hours. Jury selection has now begun for the case of Brooke Covington, a 58-year-old minster at the Word of Faith Fellowship. She denied being guilty but if her guilt is proven she might spend up to 2 years in prison. Four other church members will also face trial, however, each will be seen separately. The case has faced numerous delays over the past five years, including a request from the church to move the case out of the county, due to years of negative publicity surrounding church practices. This, as well as a request to have a jury brought in from another area, was refused. The sect, which describes itself as protestant, non-denominal church with a Christian school, was founded in 1979 by a former maths teacher and her car salesman husband.


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