Bisexuals did get the right to march in London Pride


Bisexual representation groups will be marching in the parade of London Pride in spite of not being represented in the original line-up. The annual event, which was last year attended by almost a million people, will feature a parade of more than 300 groups and non of them represented the B letter of the LGBT acronym.
The applications are closed already but the organizers promised to give some space to the bi community. “As a founder member of the UK Pride Organisers Network, Pride in London is proud to support the development of the Pride movement. Through this network we have met with and provided assistance to the committed volunteers who are setting up a BiPride for the UK. Following recent concerns of bi representation, we’re delighted to confirm BiPride will be in the UK Prides section of our parade. While space is limited, BiPride will invite other bi groups to join them to show their support for the development of BiPride and to increase bi visibility,” the statement reads.


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