Lesbian moms got the triple happiness via IVF


A same-sex couple who were told they could never have children and who failed in conceiving for more than 5 years are now welcoming the adorable triplets in this world! Megan Taylor, 28 and Joy Stevenson, 48 always dreamt about motherhood. “For years and years I’d see people passing me in the street with bumps and think ‘I wish that’s me’. It’s been hard,” Taylor told The Nottingham Post. She dreamt about having A baby, but finding out there were THREE of them she got totally insane. “I only wished to have one baby, but to have three, it’s just amazing. Both eggs stuck and one of them split – that’s the girls – and the other one is the boy,” she shares. “It’s a dream come true. We’ve been waiting a long time for a family and to get three babies is amazing,” her partner adds. Things have been defined “manic” at the house with three babies and two dogs to watch over. “We just can’t believe it. We just stare at them… It’s manic but it’s all good.”


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