Man who was beaten in a Word of Faith Church thought he would die

Cross and sunset

The trial in case of a gay man physically abused in the protestant church with n aim to ‘expel his homosexual demons’ was heard yesterday. Matthew Fenner, 23, made the shocking claim during the ongoing trial of Brooke Covington, a 58-year-old minister at Word of Faith Fellowship in the US town of Spindale, North Carolina.
Four other members of the church are also on trial. They are all being tried separately. The man was abused physically and verbally , the church leader said < “God said there is something wrong in your life.”

During the beating he thought,”Is my neck going to break, am I going to die?”, Fenner told the court. Covington is charged with kidnap and assault, and if convicted will face up to two years in prison. The case has faced numerous delays over the past five years, including a request from the church to move the case out of the county, due to years of negative publicity surrounding church practices. The church has received several allegations of widespread abuse in recent months.


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