Queen Elizabeth is reported to be a Netflix fan


It is now known that Queen Elizabeth is not against being represented in different films and TV shows. Moreover, she is a fan of the royal drama The Crown by Netflix. Sunday Express reports that Her Majesty was inspired to watch the series by her son and daughter-in-law, the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The couple apparently got into the saga after purchasing a Netflix subscription. According to reports, which are widely understood to be true, the royal couple travel to Windsor at weekends to have an informal supper with the Queen and watch some television.A royal source told the paper: “Edward and Sophie love The Crown. “It has been a longstanding arrangement that they drive to Windsor at the weekend to join the Queen for an informal supper while watching TV or a film. They have a Netflix account and urged her to watch it with them. Happily, she really liked it, although obviously there were some depictions of events that she found too heavily dramatised.”


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