Sean Hayes is proud to see the word ‘gay’ next to his name


Will & Grace star returns to the show which made him famous as a proud openly gay man. But it has not been this way all the time – the actor came out as gay in 2010 onnly. When the show starred the actor was in closet considering his homosexuality as something to be ashamed of. But now he regrets about it and says that if he could turn back time he would definitely come out much earlier, because only now he realizes what a strong impact he might have had on other people in case of being more open-minded. ‘It can be argued that one’s personal life is just that – personal – but I was helping all the hate and ignorance of the world by staying silent. I knew that everyone knew I was gay, but I hated the press hating me for not coming out on their terms. The only thing I could hold over them was not actually saying the words and it drove them crazy,’ he wrote for Billboard, marking the LGBT Pride Month, ‘I’m proud when the words “gay” or “queer” are next to my name. Because it’s not about the press – it’s about all of us. It’s about the young LGBTQ kids in the world having a voice. And I realized they can have a voice – not because of a character I played on television who was gay – but because I’m gay and proud to say it, and proud to finally take the responsibility for it as well.’


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