Trans journalist commented Margaret Court’s controversy


A transgender journalist in Australia has given a moving speech in response to the Margaret Court’s transphobic tirade linking transgender kids to Nazism. Cate McGregor is a famous cricket commentator and writer, and a serving member of the Australian Defense Force. She is also a keen cricket player and a proud transgender woman who challenged Margaret Court and called her remarks a ‘gratuitous unsubstantiated nonsense’ because the only thing the parents of trans kid ever wanted is actually the same as for the parents of cis kids – to see their children happy and alive. ‘I think it is a strategic mistake for the LGBTI community to pile on to her given her views, as repugnant as I find them, are clearly in accordance with the teachings of her faith,’ McGregor said, ‘And they are bona fide held. I think she has absolutely overstepped any support from theology or religion in some of her discoursive remarks about the families of transgendered kids, which were just nonsense.’ She also said she was ‘almost delighted’ with Courts Nazi comparison, as usually ‘the first person to liken anyone to a Nazi generally loses an argument’.


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