Homophobic farmer sues his city for the ban on selling fruit


A farmer from Michigan is suing the city of East Lansing, after the city forbade him to sell fruit because of the homophobic remark he made via Facebook. Stephen Tennes is a farmer on the outskirts of East Lansing and also rents his land out for wedding ceremonies, and the farmer insisted that he permitted only heterosexual marriages on his land. “It remains our deeply held religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and Country Mill has the First Amendment Right to express and act upon its beliefs,” the man wrote on Facebook, and according to the anti-discriminatory civil ordinance his business was closed. But the farmer is not going to leave it this way. He filed the lawsuit in federal court with the aid of the Alliance Defending Freedom, an organisation known for working religious liberty cases. His attorney said:“If the government can shut down a family farmer just because of the religious views he expresses on Facebook, then no American is free”. Tennes claimed that his business decisions and religious beliefs have “nothing to do with the city of East Lansing”. He added: “Nor does it have anything to do with the produce that we sell to the people that attend the farmer’s markets who are from all backgrounds and all beliefs. The government shouldn’t treat some people worse than others simply because they don’t agree with their thoughts or their ideas.”


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