Mix-raced gay couple tells their love story tackling stereotypes


Brad Neumann and Justin Rabon tell their love story. In 2014 they were forced to spend their life fighting for their right to be happy together. The two men, who are both athletes, faced a lot of stereotypes that gay men are ‘not real men’ and they ‘cannot be masculine enough’. This was exaggerated for Nuemann after he watched the recently released remake of Beauty and the Beat which featured a gay character.“The fat funny side kick was flamboyant and gay,” Nuemann explained, adding that he did not believe such a cliche about gay men still existed in people’s minds. The Division I sprinters felt that this flamboyant character didn’t reflect themselves and so they decided to pen essays about what it meant for them to be gay. The essays, which were released in conjunction with the start of Pride Month in Outsports, talk about homophobia and media representation. Although both Nuemann and Rabon were out, their decision to write the essays felt the same as coming out, they shared. “After we came out to each other, we finally had someone to relate to,” Rabon explained. “That changed everything.” After coming out to each other, they decided to take slow steps in telling others, including their teammates, who were not all LGBT supportive but knowing two gay men personally has changed their opinions about the community in general. Racism and homophobia, the men ensure, come from knowing something ABOUT gay people or people of color,
but not knowing THEM. Meeting a gay guy one can see that communicating with him does not differ from communicating with a straight guy, and all the offensive comments go from the lack of knowledge and understanding that your sexuality\gender\race\age\origin\ faith cannot define you. You are just you.


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