Netflix is to work on documentary about Marsha P Johnson


Netflix is going o work on the new doc film about the life and death of the legendary trans activist who passed away in 1992 and whose circumstances of death are still unknown. The Death and Life Marcia P Johnson, written by David France, will recount the icon’s life and story, alongside fellow activist Sylvia Rivera.
Many LGBT historians praise Johnson and Rivera for launching the modern gay rights movement in New York City. Johnson was also a veteran of the Stonewall riots, and later in her life became an AIDS activist. The two also founded the world’s first transgender organisation, STAR (Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries) in 1970. Johnson’s life ended in tragedy, however, when she was found dead in the Hudson River in New York City in 1992. The police declared it to be suicide but those who know Marsha did not believe she might have killed herself.


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