Oregon governor signs pro-equality bill


The openly bisexual governor introduced transgender equality bill in her state allowing trans people to change gender in their IDs confidentially. The measure was signed after concerns that employers and landlords would be able to dig-up records of birth certificate changes, which are held on public record in most US states, and discriminate against transgender individuals. Whilst only a minor tweak of state law, Kate Brown’s measure is a great step forward for Oregon’s trans community. Rice told fashion magazine Cosmopolitan that she was has still been unable to change her North Carolina birth certificate because she hasn’t undergone a sex-change operation, which state law says must be confirmed through a doctor’s letter. It was announced last month that Oregon could become the first US state to allow a third gender option on driving licences. A bill passed in the state legislature last month allows drivers the option of ‘X’ instead of the traditional binary ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ options on licences.


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