The charity group encourages teens to send pics of rats instead of spreading nudity


A charity is telling teenagers to send pictures of naked mole rats instead of spreading the online nudity. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection (CCCP) is urging teenage boys to send images of the wrinkly pink animal if asked for intimate photos. The charity explained that some teenagers are enticed to send images exposing themselves which can later be used for abusing them. Lianna McDonald, the executive director for CCCP said that by sending pictures of a naked mole rat it will help to prevent cyber criminals from extorting young men.
McDonald stressed that it was important that teenagers knew of the risks of sending revealing photos, and hopes that the campaign will make the stop and think. “Awareness is critical because you can’t avoid a threat you don’t know about. Sextortion is based on deceiving youth and obtaining sexual images – we need to drive home the Don’t Get Sextorted message that teens don’t send one,” she said, “We must break down the communication barriers around embarrassing topics for teenagers. Our campaign gives teens, parents and educators an easy ‘way-in’ to a tough conversation”.


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