Airline chief continues supporting marriage equality despite boycotts


An Australian airline chief who suffered homophobic attacks and boycotts has reaffirmed his support for equal marriage. Qantas openly gay chief Alan Joyce prefers to ignore all the homophobic boycotts. Facing a backlash encouraged by the anti-LGBT lobby, Mr Joyce suffered an anti-gay assault with a pie, was abused by government ministers, and even had the country’s most famous tennis star leading a boycott of his company. But Mr. Joyce is not going to step away from the equality protection and believes it makes a business sense. “When you’ve been in this job as long as I have, you get a thick neck on things. You have to be very hard nosed in your approach and your view and not be intimidated by anybody. What’s important is that people understand what we’re saying — which is that parliament should just get on and do something about marriage equality, most Australians are fed up with this and just want it to happen,” Joyce said in a statement.


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