Blood donation ban for gays may be lifted in Hong Kong

CANGE, HAITI - MARCH 24: Blood tests wait to be inspected at the lab of Zanmi Lasante Hospital March 24, 2005 in Cange, Haiti. Many HIV positive patients come to be hospitalized here, but the majority of HIV infected people will stay at home in their final stage of life and will die there as most hospitals in the country can not take them. (Photo by Shaul Schwarz/Getty Images)

The Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service in Hong Kong announced that the permanent ban on blood donation for gay men may be reviewed soon. Christian student group previously demanded to reconsider the decision. The Student Christian Movement held the protest outside the Red Cross event asking for the ban to be eased so that only those who had had unsafe sex in the past three months were prevented from donating. Ko Chung-lai, one of the protesters, said that the policy should be aligned to policies practiced internationally.“Let’s say Japan, it is one year [ban]; it is also one year in the US. We hope that the Red Cross can keep abreast of the times,” the student said. Dr Lee Cheuk-Kwong, the chief executive and medical director of the BTS said that the group acknowledged the protest and would review the current policy.


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