Man displayed offensive massages outside of his house


A man in Florida has displayed his own front garden where he put the offensive massage . And not even one, but five – against the LGBT community, disabled people, Jewish people and other racial minorities.One neighbour to the man said: “It’s disgusting. It’s repulsive.” “I’m absolutely shocked,” another added. The derogatory signs, which have since been stolen, were displayed by Roland Price. Price has spoken out against LGBT rights in the past, having done a television interview in 2012. He said that homosexuality was “rampant” in the interview.Talking to WFLA, Roland said that the message behind the signs was “self-explanatory” and his views, to his mind, match with the current President’s. The “infidel” slur was intended to target minorities which Price believes should not be in the White House. THe signs are stolen but he plans to put them up again soon.


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